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Crazier Bitches - Sophia  (2018)  Dir: Jane Clark

Sundays at Cafe Tabac (2018)  Dir: Wanda Acosta

The Stray (filming) - Ruth aka Angel of Death, Dir: Tom Ford
Crazy Bitches (2013) - Pamela Anders, Dir: Jane Clark
The Dude - Cameo w/ Jeff Dowd,  Dir: Jeff Feuerzeig
Meth Head - Lead Singer The Nouveaux Riches,  Dir: Jane Clark

How To Win An (Oscar) Award - Herself, Dir: Dan Mirvish
Nice Guys Finish Last  -  Lead Singer Black Valentine,  Dir: Kimberly McCullough
Manhattan Minutiae - Maxine Hartz/Lead,  Dir: Steve Becker

Hickory Dickory Dock - Lead, Dir: Devon Adair-Mahoney

To Whom It May Concern - Cracked Out Robber/Supporting, Dir: Tony Nittoli
Open House - Colanda Jones/Supporting,  Dir: Dan Mirvish
Shrink Rap -  Jamie Whitley/Lead,  Dir: Doug Cox
Ken Park - Shawn's Mother/Supporting,  Dir: Larry Clark / Ed Lachman
Out of Sync - Tammy Wild/Lead,  Dir: Robert Pena Jr
Babylon Vista - Sheila/Supporting,  Dir: Sean Delgado / Steve Sturla
Beware of Dog - Bitch/Lead,  Dir: Tony Nittoli

The Atrocity Exhibition - Supporting, Dir: Jonathan Weiss
Bullet - Cameo w/Adrien Brody,  Dir: Julien Temple

The Party - The Wife/Lead, Dir: Sasha Malarevsky
Slammed -  Jill/Supporting,  Dir: Michael Gene Brown

Randon Acts of Violence - Gina/Supporting, Dir: Drew Bell / Jefferson Langley

Ribbed For Her Pleasure - Lily/Lead, Dir: Greg Brooks

Real Stories of the Donut Men - The Chopper/Supporting,  Dir: Beeaje Quick

Central Standard Time - Dove/Lead,  Dir: Scott Large / James Murray

Expert Witness - Rachel Gold/Lead, Dir: Shep Salusky

The Vampire Project - Supporting, Dir: Michael R. Morris

The Second Coming - Cornelia/Supporting, Dir: Jack Walsh

Rhythm Thief  - Marty/Lead,  Dir: Matthew Harrison
Bad Lieutenant - Cameo w/Harvey Keitel,  Dir: Abel Ferarra

No Hands - Sandy/Lead, Dir: Wendy Schier


Notable TV Guest Appearances
Homicide "Cradle to Grave"  Bree Wetherly/Guest Star Dir: Myles Connell
Murder in the Mirror  Cameo w/Jane Seymour Dir: James Keach
Good vs Evil "M is for Morlock"  Wallis/Guest Star w/Roger Mosley Dir: Carlton Prickett
Mr Rock n Roll (Pilot)  Co-Starring w/ Kim Dickens Dir: Dan Dubelman
High Tide "Dr Feelgood"  Guest Star Dir: Rex Piano

Sex in the 90's - Self

Club Mtv Series Regular

Open Mouth - Lead/Tribeca Lab NY,  Dir: Donald Grose
My Yankees  - Lead/ATA NY,  Dir: Sean Cooney
A Mother's Death Wish - ATA NY,  Dir: Michael Arzouane
The Meaning - Village Gate NY,  Dir: Michael Swiskay / Tom Ross


Awards Etc
Sundance Film Festival, Jury Prize Best Director Rhythm Thief, 2005, Matthew Harrison

won the Prize for Best Director for his Feature Film "Rhythm Thief", starring  Jason

Andrews, Eddie Daniels, Kevin Corrigan and Kimberly Flynn

Slamdance Film Festival, Best New Actress Film Threat Magazine, 1997, Film Threat

Magazine named Eddie Daniels Best New Actress 1997 for her work in the Feature

Film, "Central Standard Time"

1999-2004 Programmer Slamdance Film Festival

Notable Movie Review Quotes
Variety Magazine  Cannes Fest Review 1992 Bad Lieutenant by Lawrence Cohen;
"Even more impressive is a lengthy scene that could become a staple for acting

classes in years to come, akin to the Brando-Steiger backseat "Palookaville"

conversation in "On the Waterfront." Keitel stops two young sisters (Eddie Daniels,

Bianca Bakija) from Jersey driving in the rain and harrassess them while standing outside of their car window. His tour de force, seemingly improvised acting is matched against their unaffected, nervous naturalism. Sexual content of this scene is suggested rather thanexplicit but proves quite startling"

Film Comment Magazine  "New Faces" by Gavin Smith:
Eddie Daniels & Bianca Bakija Bad Lieutenant: their ensemble portrait of two Jersey Girls in deep shit is definitive. Subjected to harrowing sexual degradation by Harvey Keitel, their reactions and responses are instinctive and totally spontaneous, all trace of performance or playing a part stripped away along with their dignity. Truly organic acting -in all senses of the phrase.



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