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Eddie Daniels has appeared in over forty films, plays, videos and TV Guest Appearances. She is also an artist and photographer.

At an early age Eddie moved to New York where she garnered many theatrical roles. From 1989 -1992 Daniels was a featured dancer on the hit show Club MTV with Downtown Julie Brown.

Daniels first garnered international attention from the Film Community in 1992 with her turn as Jersey Girl in Abel Ferarra's Bad Lieutenant (1992). Her scene with Harvey Keitel was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival and garnered great reviews.

Variety Cannes Fest Review May 4, 1992 - "Even more impressive is a lengthy scene that could become a staple for acting classes in years to come, akin to the Brando-Steiger backseat "Palookaville" conversation in "On the Waterfront." Keitel stops two young sisters (Eddie Daniels, Bianca Bakija) from Jersey driving in the rain and harrasses them while standing outside their car window. His tour de force, seemingly improvised method acting is matched against their unaffected, nervous naturalism. Sexual content of this scene is suggested rather than explicit but proves quite startling." - Lawrence Cohn

Film Comment Magazine New Faces "Eddie Daniels & Bianca Bakija their ensemble portrait of two Jersey girls in deep shit is definitive. Subjected to harrowing sexual degradation by Harvey Keitel, their reactions and responses are instinctive and totally spontaneous, all trace of performance or playing a part stripped away along with their dignity. Truly organic acting - in all senses of the phrase." - Gavin Smith

Over the next few years, she won further critical support and many all pro reviews for her role as Marty in Matthew Harrison's Rhythm Thief (1994), and as Dove in Central Standard Time (1997) for which she was nominated Best New Actress Slamdance 1997 by Film Threat

"Best New Actress: Eddie Daniels of "Central Standard Time." Constantly rising above the material, this hot young actress is just looking for the right vehicle to take her to the top." - Chris Gore​


Rhythm Thief (1994) went on to win the Grand Jury Prize for Best Director at Sundance 1995.

From 1999-2004 she was invited to work for Slamdance Film Festival as a festival programmer for their yearly stint along side Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

Also an artist, in 1999 her mixed media self portrait titled, "City Ordinance My Ass" sold at Sotheby's for American Film Institute's "Where Film Art Meets Fine Art" benefit auction.

Daniels hosted and founded, alongside producer Adam Leipzig and Susan Ferris, an

independent film screening series called Rogue at the Vogue where they featured various up and coming filmmakers.

She played Rhythm Guitar in the Alt Country Rock band Betty Dylan (aka Betty Dillon) for two years. She played a rock singer in the film Manhattan Minutiae, performing
songs she wrote for the film, giving fans an early look at her musical prowess.

She appeared in music videos for Madonna, George Michael and countless others.

She starred in the music video for the Spin Doctors' song "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast", and has also appeared in a series of American Movie Classics commercial segues in which she portrayed a platinum blonde, 1940s big band torch singer.

On June 24, 2005, with her all girl band, Maxitit, the Bad Kitty Posse she launched a
career as a lead singer and musician at Paladino's Rock Club. Maxitit played several gigs promoting the feature film 'Manhattan Minutiae' (2006) which stars Daniels and features Maxitit.

Notable bands they have shared the stage with as Maxitit includes; The Cliks, Girl in a Coma, The New (formerly AKA), DOA, Circle Jerks, Sick of Sarah and God-Des and She.

Eddie Daniels resides in Los Angeles as an Actress, Photographer, Rockstar. For 2 years she was in the all girl band, The Nouveaux Riches . They performed in Jane Clark's feature film debut, Meth Head (2011) starring Lukas Haas aa well as Kimberly McCullough's, Nice Guys Finish Last starring Danielle Harris.

She can currently be seen in Jane Clark's 'Crazy Bitches' which is distributed by Veritas and is available VOD.

She is cast as Sophia in the upcoming feature 'Crazier Bitches' and plays herself in the documentary 'Sundays at Cafe Tabac' coming 2018. Other feature films in developement and post production include Tom Ford's 'The Stray &  James Murray's 'North Side Hassle'.


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