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A Collection of movie trailers, scenes and videos


Short Film 'Beware of Dog' by Director Tony Nittoli, starring Eddie Daniels

Music Video of Eddie Daniels & The Nouveaux Riches performing their single 'Want Me' for director Jane Clark's Meth Head Movie Soundtrack.

Funny Kickstarter Video of Director Jane Clark and Actress Eddie Daniels raising money for the Crazy Bitches Bitchin' Bus Tour Campaign 2014

Eddie Daniel's speed reel, 1 minute long, featuring snippets from Ken Park, Manhattan Minutiae, Shrink Rap

Meth Head Trailer, feature film written and directed by Jane Clark, starring Lukas Haas, Necar Zadegan, Blake Berris, Tome Sizemore, David Arquette,  and so much more. The Nouveaux Riches song 'Want Me' is in this movie as well as the band.

Bad Lieutenant  - Traffic Stop Scene

Nice Guys Finish Last Trailer song by Nouveaux Riches Director: Kimberly McCullough.

Rhythm Thief - Sundance Jury Prize Winner Director: Matthew Harrison

The Stay Trailer, "Death Pushes Back" written & directed by Tom Ford , edited from screen tests by Florencia P. Marano, score by Edith Crash.

The Stray Trailer, "Their Rationality" written & directed by Tom Ford

Open House, the musical Trailer, written and directed by Dan Mirvish starring Anthony Rapp, & Sally Kirkland - 2006 The Weinstein Group

Shrink Rap Trailer written and directed by Doug Cox

​​Music Videos

A Collection of music videos

Spin Doctor's Music Video, 'You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast', Directed by Richard Murray featuring Eddie Daniels and drummer Aaron Comess - 1994 Sony BMG Music Entertainment Group

​​Matt Bunsen & the Burners Music Video of the award winning song, 'Drugs Make Me Happy' shot in OK GO style continuous take and awesomely Directed Jim Hanks​

Maxitit "You Suck" Video - Eddie Daniels is lead singer of Maxitit, the Bad Kitty Posse. Footage from New York and their CBGB's show.

​Madonna Music Video, 'Secret', Directed by photographer Melodie McDaniels on Lenox Avenue in Harlem NY and shot by Pascal Lebegue -This version is Junior's Luscious Club Edit by Junior Vasquez &​ Dan-O-Rama Video Re-Mix - 2006 WMG

George Michael Music Video, 'Killer, Papa was a Rolling Stone' Directed by Marcus Nispel, Featuring some of NY's finest hipsters Jo Jo Field, Darrin 'Pop Crazy' Henson

Maxitit "No Mittens" Video - Eddie Daniels is the lead singer of Maxitit, the Bad Kitty Posse. Footage from The Whisky-a-Go-Go.

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